Can MPT Save Money?

The MPT saves the power companies huge amounts of money by eliminating unnecessary pole replacements or reinforcements.

In actual tests the MPT has shown that over 50% of condemned poles destined for rebutting or replacement should not have been condemned. They were still safe and sound and had at least five years of useful life, requiring no pole replacement or reinforcement.

MPT Can Save Money (a simple example)

Note: The MPT in numerous tests over the years has discovered that up to 80% of condemned (rejected) poles still have years of useful life.

If a pole's life can be extended by 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, the savings in pole maintenance or pole repair can be very great.

If a pole has been condemned there are presently:

Three Conventional Alternatives:

1 Replacing the pole Cost: $2,000
2 Rebutting the pole Cost: $1,500
3 Re-inforcing the pole Cost: $500

The New MPT Alternatives:

1 Proving the condemned or rejected pole is still sound Cost: $100
2 Confirming the condemned pole is unsound and demonstrating the degree of its weakness Cost: $Nil

Savings by the MPT Alternative:

Therefore, the savings are between $400 and $1,900 for each pole passed (that was previously condemned).

Therefore, the savings of several hundred dollars per each passed pole (as above) translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars savings over the entire pole population.

Note: It should be noted too that the MPT method of testing can also discover unsafe poles (that were considered safe), and thereby prevent pole accidents.


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