pole inspection

Testimonials from users of the MPT

"... this technology is the simplest and most effective pole testing method available."
TBN, Asset Management Engineer

"... the rate of over-condemning poles was substantially reduced when compared to the previous assessments." And, "One estimate gave the savings at about $700,000 over our wood pole stock..."
DSW, Projects Engineer

"... we are prepared to answer queries from your potential clients..."
BHMW, Acting General Manager

We have testimonies from:

Transmission and Distribution World (USA)
Aurora Energy (formerly Delta)
Forest Research, MainPower (NZ)
AustAsia (Australia)

MainPower (NZ)
Energex (Aust)
Forest Research (NZ)
Unison (NZ)
(Formerly Hawke's Bay Network Limited)
AustAsia (Aust)

(Upon request, we will supply full testimonies from the above and other electric utility executives who have used our technology, the MPT).

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