Advantages Over Other Pole Testing Methods

measuring pole strength Safety Advatages

A pole that is passed by the MPT can be guaranteed sound for at least five years.

Of about about one million poles tested and passed, over the past 30 years, there have been no pole failures.

Vital Questions Answered

The MPT method of testing the condition of poles answers all the questions about a pole's viability.

Questions such as:

  1. Has the pole the minimum needed pole strength?
  2. What is the total strength of the pole?
  3. What is the degree of deterioration of the pole?
  4. What is the remaining serviceable life of the pole?


pole inspection and reinforcementPresent methods of pole inspection are approximate and generally subjective. As a result they reject many serviceable poles and fail to identify some dangerous poles that fail to meet pole reliability standards.

The new Deuar system (the MPT), based on the most objective and accurate direct measurement of the needed pole strength, saves poles from premature replacement or reinforcement and pinpoints all dangerous poles.

It provides not only a more cost effective maintenance of power pole assets but at the same time increases the saftey to the public and utility personnel.

Analysis by independent structual engineers has validated the new pole maintenance system and vast experience and statistics clearly indicate considerable advantages of the MPT over other pole testing methods. Deuar Pty Ltd has won contracts against fierce competition from Australia, USA and the UK.

The MPT applies pressure against the pole and measures pole's strength by a pre-programmed hand-held computer. 

The amount of pole's bending, when accurately measured, also gives it total (as against needed) strength and degree of its deterioration, if any. The greater the pole's bending (or deflection), the weaker the pole is.pole load test

And, importantly, the amount of it's bending, also, predicts pole's longevity.

Unlike other methods (such as sonic, ultra-sonic, section modulus, cat-scan, etc) only the MPT tests the actual present strength of the pole.

It detects the hidden types of damage, such as carroty rot, incipient decay, and physical damage, which cannot be detected by other methods.

The unique advantage of the MPT is that it applies real pressure on the pole simulating the pressures of strong wind conditions. All guesswork is eliminated.

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